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Beginner+ Added to Class Schedule

So, you’ve been practicing yoga for awhile and feel fairly capable in your ability to perform Sun Salutation and basic asanas (poses) such as: standing and balancing poses, simple twists, seated poses, supine stretches and introductory backbends. What’s next?

Expand your practice with our new Beginner+ class! I’ll be teaching this class on Saturdays from 11am-Noon, beginning this Saturday, February 7.

Beginner+ is a happy medium between our Yoga for Beginners and Vinyasa Flow or Intermediate Flow classes. We will begin to introduce poses into your practice that will help you build greater strength, flexibility and balance. Examples of poses include: eagle pose, king dancer, lizard, revolved triangle, crow, side plank, cow-face pose, backbend, bow pose, locust, upward facing dog, shoulder stand, headstand prep and headstand.

We’ll also explore more about the bandhas (energy locks), pranayama breathing techniques and meditation.

Modifications will be given for all levels. Students are always encouraged to work within their own body and limitations to prevent injury, while at the same time feel a sense of accomplishment as you progress into the full expression of different asanas.

As a reminder, all of our classes are capped at 12 students so that instructors can best meet the needs of each student who attends. So be sure to reserve your spot now through the MindBody Connect app on any mobile device or via our website.

We hope to see you this Saturday for our first Beginner+ class at 11am and at future Beginner+ classes.


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