"Aspire not to have more, but to be more." ~ Oscar Romero


Bossier City’s Home for Yoga

Aspire Yoga Center is conveniently located at 3709 Benton Road, just one mile north of I-220 in Bossier City.

Contact the studio at info@aspireyogacenter.com or 318-990-0129 if you experience any technical difficulties or would like to pre-register and pay at the studio. Can’t load the schedule? Grab a copy in PDF form of our summer class schedule.
*A class name with a star signifies a special class or workshop that is outside of our regular class schedule. Fees associated with these classes are not included as part of our memberships or regular class passes.

We hope the following will answer any questions you have at this time. If not, please shoot an email to info@aspireyogacenter.com.

Where is the studio located in Bossier City?

The new studio is conveniently located on Benton Road, just one mile north of I-220 at 3709 Benton Road.

Simply turn into the Louisiana Power Sports parking lot and the studio will be located behind Shelter Insurance on the left.

When are classes held?

Here’s our summer class schedule:

9:30am – Vinyasa Flow
11am – Beginner Yoga
5:45pm – Heated Power
7pm – Gentle

5:30am – Ashtanga
9:30am – Beginner Yoga
11am – Yin
4pm – Vinyasa Flow
5:45pm – Gentle
7pm – Heated Power

5:30am – Vinyasa Flow
9:30am – Gentle Yoga
11am – Vinyasa Flow
4pm – Gentle Yoga
5:45pm – Beginner Yoga
7pm – PiYo

5:30am – Ashtanga
9:30am – Vinyasa Flow
11am – Slow Flow
4pm – Heated Power
5:45pm – Vinyasa Flow
7pm – Ashtanga

9:30-10:45am – Ashtanga
11am – Heated Power
6:30pm – Yin

8:30am – Heated Power
10am – Gentle

3pm – Heated Power
4:30pm – Beginner Yoga
6pm – PiYo

What style yoga classes are offered?

The following styles will be offered as part of our summer class scheduled:

Beginner Yoga
Vinyasa Flow
Heated Power

Click here for class descriptions.

How big is the studio?

The new yoga space is nearly 1,000 square feet and will accommodate 40 students per class. For your comfort, we limit class sizes to 30.

What if I've never done yoga before?

WE LOVE BEGINNERS! Aspire Yoga Center is particularly welcoming to those who are brand new to the practice. We’ve all been a beginner. All you have to do is to show-up and breathe. Our class schedule is filled with classes for all levels of students, including many where no prior yoga experience is needed.

What if I don’t have a mat or props?

No excuses! Mats and props will be available for use at no additional charge.

What is the mission and philosophy of Aspire Yoga Center?

The mission of Aspire Yoga Center is to expand and enhance the yoga community in northwest Louisiana, one person at a time. Promoting a balanced lifestyle and a place for students to nourish their bodies, minds and spirits.

The studio’s philosophy is that yoga is for everyone, regardless of age, fitness level or experience. The practice of yoga is one that changes every day, because we change all the time. The physical practice helps you experience yourself in the present moment and is a tool to help calm the mind and bring awareness within.

Aspire Yoga Center