"Aspire not to have more, but to be more." ~ Oscar Romero

Founders’ Circle Membership


THANK YOU for being a Founding Member and for committing to your yoga practice at Aspire Yoga Center! We hope you continue to enjoy your value-priced Founders’ Circle Membership and experience the physical and mental benefits of a regular yoga practice for years to come.

Founders' Circle Membership
      • 12-month membership
      • Unlimited classes on our regular schedule for 12 consecutive months
      • Savings of $348 over our regular monthly rate and calculates to $50 per month!
      • 15% off all in-house workshops and special classes not on the regular class schedule
      • 15% off private yoga sessions with studio owner
      • Grandfathered to receive this same renewal rate for life, as long as membership renewal occurs within 30 days of expiration

Savings Breakdown
Price per class
      • 1 x per week = $11.54
      • 2 x per week = $5.77
      • 3 x per week = $3.85

Coming SOON

The Zen Den at Aspire Yoga Center! Our new cozy studio space will be used for private sessions, small group classes, meditation and so much more.

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