From a fellow student

From a fellow student

We received the following email from a student today and asked permission to share it with you:

[vazz_panel]“I was just wondering if ya’ll could instate a “no smoking right before class” policy. I realize it’s a delicate issue and that nobody wants to be the “smoking police.” However, the room is small, so there is no way for those of us who are extremely sensitive to the smoke to escape from it. I’ve had to change places in the room to avoid someone who smoked before class, but if the class is near-full, that’s not always and option (and I am still bothered by the smoke if I move…just a little bit less.)

Since yoga is all about breathing, having smoke in the room interferes with the entire foundation of our practice. Moreover, for me, it’s not just a matter of personal preference – I have asthma, I’m allergic to tobacco smoke, and both exercise and tobacco smoke (especially when the smoke is present in an enclosed space) trigger my asthma. So, when someone smokes on the way to yoga (I’ve seen someone smoking in their car before class), it disrupts my practice to the point that what should be an hour of relaxation is instead an hour-long struggle to keep my airway from constricting. Thank you for your attention to this matter.”[/vazz_panel]

Aspire is welcome to everyone. We also want to offer a welcoming and smoke-free environment for every student who attends class at our studio. Please be courteous and mindful of those around you.