Class Descriptions

Our mission is to enhance and transform lives through our offerings. Below are class descriptions of classes we offer weekly at Aspire Yoga Center in Bossier City.


Heated Flow

Find your inner power and link your breath with movement through various yoga poses that may challenge you and cause sweat. Our Heated Flow classes will guide you to build strength and endurance while increasing your flexibility and balance. This class encompasses cultivating self-growth and inner peace in a non-judgmental, fun environment. BRING A MAT, TOWEL & WATER! The room will be heated to 85-95 degrees with infrared radiant heat. It will be just right for a healthy sweat.


Mindful Movement + Breathwork

This unique class combines breath and movement, while incorporating gentle Hatha postures with modifications for all levels, plus will incorporate breathwork. Mindful Movement can be very useful for those practitioners who are working to build strength, as well as someone recovering from injury, or even those who are simply looking for a more relaxed workout. This practice can also be beneficial to those who already are quite fit but lack overall flexibility.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a simple practice. We’ll focus on slowly and consciously settling into poses for 3-7 minutes. As a result of surrendering into postures for longer periods of time your muscles slowly relax, working into the deeper connective tissues (fascia) that wrap our muscles.

This class is designed to improve flexibility and range of motion. Yin Yoga focuses on releasing connective tissues and cultivating and observing your breath and meditation. Yin is an excellent complement to our more dynamic and invigorating yang-style classes. This unheated class is suitable for students of all levels.

Flow + Yin

A perfect fusion of yin and yang! This hybrid class brings together an accessible vinyasa flow – connecting breath and movement – and Yin yoga poses with props. Experience the benefits of both an active and a passive style of yoga in one class to help encourage balance for your body, mind and nervous system. This unheated class is suitable for all levels, from brand-new beginners to seasoned practitioners.


Inferno Hot Pilates

IHP is an exer­cise sys­tem used to cre­ate long lean mus­cle mass, burn fat, strengthen mus­cles, increase flex­i­bil­ity and improve over­all fitness and health. Hot Pilates is a chal­leng­ing full-body work­out that incorporates Pilates prin­ci­ples, HIIT (High Inten­sity Inter­val Train­ing), and Tabata train­ing. It’s High Intensity to help get us in shape and keep us in shape and is LOW Impact, so it’s easy on the joints. BRING A MAT, TOWEL & WATER! The room will be heated to 85-95 degrees with infrared radiant heat…just right for a healthy sweat.

Class Descriptions really can’t do this class any justice! It’s something you must experience firsthand!

Aspire Fusion

A fusion of our two most popular classes, this class is the perfect mix between high-intensity interval training and yoga to improve your strength and flexibility. We’ll start with a HIIT workout that incorporates simple, low-impact, and beginner-friendly Pilates-inspired moves designed to elevate your heart rate and tone your muscles. The first 30 minutes might include a combination of bodyweight exercises, moves that incorporate light hand weights to create long, lean muscles, and/or resistance bands to sculpt your body. You can absolutely scale the workout based on your needs and ability level.

In the second half of class, you will connect your mind and body by synchronizing your breath and movement together with Flow Yoga. The yoga portion could include some standing poses as well as deeper held seated postures for a nice stretch. Our knowledgeable teachers will provide modifications so the class is appropriate for all students who attend.

The room will be heated with infrared heat to a balmy 85-95 degrees for a perfect sweat sesh. Bring a towel and water and be prepared to sweat. We love beginners and this class is designed for practitioners of all levels!

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