Less is More!

Less is More!

Do you remember the opening scene from the 1996 hit movie “Jerry Maguire?” It’s Jerry fervently typing on his computer throughout the night, writing his personal mission statement. He says that with so many clients we’ve forgotten what’s important, and that the key to business success is personal relationships.

Well said, Jerry, well said. I also believe that the key to Aspire Yoga Center’s success is the relationships we build with you!

This weekend, we removed all of the lotus mat markers from the floor and put down 14 new ones. A full row was removed, allowing for more personal space per student in a full class. Moving forward, our class size limit will be set at 14 students per class.

With this change, it means Aspire Yoga Center will be able to serve fewer students in each class and make less money. But more importantly, it means that we’ll be able to provide more personal attention and in turn build stronger long-term relationships with our students as a result.

Every decision made at Aspire Yoga Center is with our studio mission in mind — To expand and enhance the yoga community in Northwest Louisiana, one person at a time. Limiting the number of students per class helps us to stay true to that mission!

If you ever have feedback that will help us fulfill our mission or thoughts on things that we can improve upon, please reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you.