Music and dancing

Music and dancing

The apple- pickers on the ladders raised a hum and murmur of applause, and then, in keeping with the sound, bestirred themselves to work again like bees.

The more actively, perhaps, because an elderly gentleman, who was no other than Doctor Jeddler himself – it was Doctor Jeddlers house and orchard, you should know, and these were Doctor Jeddlers daughters – came bustling out to see what was the matter, and who the deuce played music on his property, before breakfast. For he was a great philosopher, Doctor Jeddler, and not very musical.

Music and dancing TO-DAY! said the Doctor, stopping short, and speaking to himself. I thought they dreaded to-day. But its a world of contradictions. Why, Grace, why, Marion! he added, aloud, is the world more mad than usual this morning?

Make some allowance for it, father, if it be, replied his younger daughter, Marion, going close to him, and looking into his face, for its somebodys birth-day.

Somebodys birth-day, Puss! replied the Doctor. Dont you know its always somebodys birth-day? Did you never hear how many new performers enter on this – ha! ha! ha! – its impossible to speak gravely of it – on this preposterous and ridiculous business called Life, every minute?