Blessings of Unplanned Interruptions

Blessings of Unplanned Interruptions


With unexpected winter weather this past week in northwest Louisiana, all of us here in the SBC experienced delays, closures and canceled appointments. Hopefully, it also allowed for a little time to slow down, take some deep breaths and pause.

I love this quote from Timothy Sparks, a filmmaker from Colorado, “Perhaps these moments of unplanned interruptions are actually uninvited opportunity.”

For me, having some unexpected time to be at home during the week truly felt like a gift from God. Having everything canceled from my schedule allowed me the opportunity to stay in my PJs late into the morning, watch the snowfall, practice yoga, meditate, read and relax with my husband and our three dogs.

Because of my yoga practice, I was able to become acutely aware of the special gift I was given and took the time to mindfully soak all of it in. Instead of getting upset that all of my plans had changed, I was able to surrender and enjoy the uninvited opportunity.

There are times during the physical practice of yoga when we work very hard and it’s super challenging, and there are times to rest and surrender, like in Child’s Pose and Savasana {Corpse Pose}. As my first yoga teacher, Deb Lister, would say, “Enjoy this moment because you don’t know when you’ll have the opportunity to rest again.”

Taking mindful notice of these times and enjoying the pause during yoga will begin to translate off of the mat. The next time you’re given the gift of an unplanned interruption, I hope that you can pause and mindfully enjoy the uninvited opportunity.