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Finding Peace in an Hour

With daylight savings time, I loved waking up today with an extra hour in my morning. What did I do with that hour? Nothing! How does doing nothing relate to my yoga practice? Listen to this two-minute audio clip to find out!

So what about you? How did you spend your “extra” hour today? Did you take time for yourself? Do something for your family or a friend? Work on a project? Did you sleep a little longer? Practice some yoga or exercise? Respond comment below and let me know…I’d sure love to hear from you!

Heather Delia
Aspire Yoga Center

2 comments on “Finding Peace in an Hour
  1. This is so true Heather, I did the same thing and it felt great to just relax and have the extra cup of coffee. Even took the dog for a walk, even had a 2 hour nap because my schedule has been so hectic this last two months, I needed a day like yesterday. Look forward to getting back to Yoga! Thanks for sharing!

    • It’s great to hear for you and really appreciate your comment, Carol! It’s so nice to be able to slow down and recharge when time allows. I’m looking forward to seeing you at the studio soon.


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