Beautiful, but what does it mean?

Beautiful, but what does it mean?

NamasteNew artwork has been installed at our studio – an OM symbol and Namaste piece. They’re made from recycled aluminum and really bring the space together beautifully.

After posting photos of them on our Facebook page, a comment was received saying they’re beautiful, but asked for their meanings.

GREAT QUESTION! I love when questions like this are asked because it makes for the perfect topic to address this in week’s newsletter and blog post.

The Om symbol is a shape that represents the “Om” sound. Om, phonetically spelled Aum, is a single syllable mantra and is considered to be the oldest and one of the most powerful. It’s also thought to be the most important of all mantras, which are used for meditation and chanting, and is the root from which all other mantras and sounds emerge. When saying it out loud or chanting, it’s pronounced AUM.

Namaste is a greeting that is still used in India today. Boiled down, it means salutations, or I salute you. At the end of a yoga practice, we say Namaste to one another. It’s a way to express that the light in me recognizes and salutes the light in you.

There’s so much more depth and meaning to both Om and Namaste, including representing the divine in each of us, as well as our interconnectivity. I hope that you’ll come to the studio soon to practice yoga and learn more about the ancient practice.

If you have a question relevant to yoga, please do reach out and I’ll do my very best to answer it for you. Namaste!

Heather Delia