Changing the World

Changing the World

Never believe that a few caring people (2)

Last weekend I was out for a jog and a young girl in my neighborhood was out riding her bike. She yelled after me, “EXCUSE ME, EXCUSE ME!!!” She explained that she was doing something for Earth Day and was adamant that I sign her pledge {handwritten in crayon} that reads:

Be a Cleaner.
Don’t Litter.
Our Earth Needs You!!!!!!

Since I was out for a run, I didn’t have a pen with me to sign the pledge. So she urged me to take the pledge with me. At about the same time she was distracted by some trash and ran off to pick it up.

I was so blown away by this young lady’s passion for keeping our neighborhood and planet clean! It was inspiring to see her spreading the word to others with such enthusiasm.

Saucha, commonly defined as cleanliness or purity, is the first of the five Niyamas {the moral virtues of yoga that we yogis are called to practice}. External cleanliness refers to both our bodies and also the environment. It’s wonderful that at such a young age, this girl is so concerned with planetary Saucha and is doing something about it.

Margaret Mead said, “Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For indeed, that’s all who ever have.”

My new neighbor friend is living proof of this! Look how her influence has helped to spread her cause even further. What small thing can you do today to change the world?