A Yoga Mat That’s Just Right

A Yoga Mat That’s Just Right

Over the past 13 years of practicing yoga, I’ve had quite the love/hate relationship with yoga mats. Seriously, I’ve purchased no less than 10 of them, from cheapo mats all the up to $100, and have had more trouble than any yogi should with something so rudimentary.

My Yoga Mat Graveyard

My Yoga Mat Graveyard

I’ve felt like Goldilocks trying to find a yoga mat that’s JUST RIGHT.

The mats have been:

– Too slippery, a safety concern
– Too short
– Too heavy to lug to the studio
– Too cheaply made and fall apart
– Too thin
– Too thick, making it difficulty to balance

A dilemma with getting a new yoga mat is that you really don’t have the opportunity to “try before you buy.” You have to take someone else’s word for it and hope for the best. Because slipping has been a huge issue for me, I’ve typically placed a towel on the mat under my hands.

When opening Aspire Yoga Center, I went out on a limb and ordered these Gaiam mats for the studio. Although quite a bit of research went into finding a mat that was the right thickness and one that received rave reviews for a non-slip surface, I had never used the mat personally prior to ordering. Full disclosure, I’m NOT a paid spokesperson for Gaiam, but I’m IN LOVE with the mats at our studio!

– At 5mm, they’re an ideal thickness for my finicky ways.
– I don’t slip AT ALL on this mat and no longer need to use a towel.
– They don’t weigh too much and are a good length.
– Plus, they came with a lifetime mat guarantee!

There are so many yoga mats on the market today to choose from and it really comes down to personal preference. You can, of course, use our mats anytime when you come to the studio, but it’s highly recommended to get your own mat for sanitary reasons.

Good news! You can come try out a Gaiam mat during any of our yoga classes and decide if it’s the next mat you’ll purchase for yourself.