Disconnecting to Connect

Disconnecting to Connect

This past Thursday I got to go to the Eric Church concert and while looking around the crowd, I saw so many people on their phones. Presumably they were texting or “checking in” on Facebook, taking photos and selfies, and shooting videos to share with their “friends.” But were they really there in the real moment, fully present?

Are we losing true personal connections with others, and ourselves for that matter, because we spend so much time behind an LED screen? Over the past week this topic of connecting in an always-on digital age came up on numerous occasions.connecting

Next time you’re out for a meal or standing in line at the coffee shop, take a moment to notice how many people have their noses buried in phones or other electronics. I’m certainly guilty of being out with my husband and hearing the oh-so familiar chime that lets me know I have a message and I just HAVE to check it. But you know what? That takes me away from the precious time I have to spend with the one I love.

There are times when we can, and perhaps should, disconnect from our electronic world and become fully present in the real one.

Did you know that you can turn your electronics off, or leave them in the car? Yep, you can! I went to a beautiful wedding last night and did just that. Without the temptation to glance at my phone, I was able to soak everything in, be fully present, and engage in some wonderful conversations without being distracted by my online world.

What I treasure about taking a yoga class is that I get to leave my phone and worries at the door. It’s time I’m able to take to connect with myself in an authentic way. There is also a connection that I feel with the instructor and other students in the room. We are all connected to one another, after all.

Communicating with you each week via this blog, our newsletter and through Facebook is a lot of fun for me, but what I truly treasure is when we get to connect with one another face-to-face. When I get to look you in the eyes, have a real conversation and connect in a deeper way in person!

It’s super important for each of us to take the time to disconnect from electronic devices from time-to-time and connect with whatever is most important in your life. Become fully present in the moment. Be here, now.