New Class Descriptions

New Class Descriptions

We’ve added three new class styles to the winter schedule. If you’re looking for a description of another class, click here.

Slow Burn
Slow down your vinyasa practice and savor the experience. Slow Burn vinyasa gives you the time and space to move deeper into poses and breath, allowing you to take the time to refine alignment and build strength. As with traditional vinyasa, slow burn promotes flexibility, endurance and balance. The slow pace builds internal heat and allows you to experience and refine the pose in a much deeper sense. Designed for the intermediate student, but fine for athletic beginners. {Level 2/3}

Candlelight Flow
During this vinyasa flow class set to candlelight, various options are given allowing each student to move at their own pace and comfort level. Whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced student, Aspire’s Candlelight Flow is a great class to add to your practice. {All Levels}

Mindful Flow
Come strengthen your body and mind with a dynamic flow yoga practice. Perfect for students with the desire to work their body intensely in order to clear their mind. Not recommended for first-time beginners or anyone with injuries. Students should have a good understanding of alignment and be prepared to flow mindfully between poses, have fun and sweat! {Level 2/3}